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Graphic design has always been a major component of my professional, academic, and personal life. I had the huge advantage of growing

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  • Small Website Design
  • Wall Decor Typography Design
  • One Page Brochure

My love for photography began at a young age when I first asked for a digital camera for Christmas. It was a

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  • View-From-Pack-Monadnock-VII-By-Kelly-Pride
  • Skyward Moon
  • Winged Kitten Designs Graphic Design

Noticing many muti-level marketing type jewelry businesses pop up on my social media feeds prompted me to look into the craftsmanship of

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  • Crystal Confetti Bracelet
  • Wrapped Green Drops
  • Asymmetrical Swallow Necklace

I’ve always considered traditional art an important and indispensable component to any designer’s arsenal. Learning the basics of color theory, art history,

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  • Tranquil Lake
  • Maine Postcard
  • Maine Summer