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About Winged Kitten Designs:

Winged Kitten Designs is the collective name of the creative work by artist Kelly Pride. It was founded in 2010 and began as the name of her handmade jewelry business but quickly encompassed all of her work, including photography, painting, graphic design, web design, and more.


Artist Statement:

My eyes are my lens to our world. My camera, my paintbrush, my computer and the other mediums that I use to create my work are merely an extension of that lens; a tool that gives my audience a glimpse of the world I see. My art is based on my philosophy on life; to never take anything for granted. I am inspired by the splendor that surrounds me and I am dedicated to documenting what I see. I gravitate towards photography and painting because I feel that they give me an artistic freedom unmatched by any other media. Photography allows for a quick glimpse of a changing world while painting lets me emphasize my impression of it. My challenge is for my audience to grasp the same intense reaction that I experience while making the work. My ultimate goal is that they can feel the same deep connection.


Professional Skills

Certifications & Awards

Adobe Creative Suite90%
WordPress CMS90%
3D Design50%
Social Media Marketing95%
Google AdWords90%
Microsoft Office98%
Various CRMs75%
On/Off Page SEO80%

Certifications & Awards

AdWords Search Certified - Google
Certificate awarded for passing the AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising exams. Expires 02/18.
Handpicked Photo - Creative Market
My photograph, Skyward Moon, was handpicked by the editors of Creative Market to appear on their front page of their Photographs Section on April, 17th, 2014.
Social Media Marketing - SkillPath Seminars
Attended and completed The Social Media Marketing Conference hosted by SkillPath Seminars on 08/25/2015.
Inbound Certified - HubSpot
Certificate awarded for passing the Inbound Marketing exam. Expires 07/19.